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Our entry level training is perfect if you have no or limited experience!

This entry-level course focuses on the essential micro-needling treatments for facial skin rejuvenation therapy. It is specifically designed for people with limited or no beauty experience.  

On this entry level course, you will learn how to rejuvenate the skin, promote collagen production, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles using the 0.5mm Contour Roller. 

0.5 mm Contour Roller Entry Level Package - £995+VAT

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0.5mm Cosmetic Roller Entry Level Training Course Summary 

Pre-Study Course (5-6 hours)

This course will introduce you to the world of micro-needling.  Learn the origins of skin needling, how collagen therapy works, micro-needling technology, the benefits of anti-ageing treatments, alternative treatment options and how micro-needling can be the perfect option for your client, relevant skin conditions etc. In addition, you will also get a refresher course in anatomy and physiology, a crucial knowledge-base for any micro-needling aesthetician. 


Contour Roller 0.5mm Product Kit

You will be provided with your Contour Roller product kit immediately after your practical 1 day training. The product kit will include key treatment essentials for Contour Roller treatments: a selection of 0.5mm classic rollers, 0.5mm mini rollers, gel masks, B5 complex, ampoules, aftercare creams and treatment forms.  


Practical Training (2 days)

Get a thorough grounding in both the theory and practical techniques required for 0.5mm micro-needling. 

Intensive, yet fun, our training days mix demos, practicals on real models and informative Q&A sessions. You will learn the techniques required to use 0.5mm rollers for anti-aging, skin regeneration, collagen therapy, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and skin pigmentation.

This training programme has been carefully designed to ensure you can carry out Contour Roller safely and effectively. To reinforce this, you will also receive a comprehensive manual, plus on-going support from our Customer Services Team. 


Infection Control and Pain Management (1 day)

The perfect course for anyone new to the beauty industry, invasive beauty treatments or for anyone not qualified in Salon Hygiene. Understand why infection control is crucial for your business, good practice procedures, how to meet inspection criteria for local authorities and much more.



Assessment and qualification is via case studies, which you will need to submit following your training course.