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Take your training to the next level 

Once you have completed this 1 day, medical roller training course you will be able to deliver advanced anti-ageing benefits to your clients with the 1.5mm roller.

In addition to all the benefits of 0.5mm rollers, you will learn advanced anti-ageing techniques, wrinkle removal, pitted skin, open pores, acne scarring and more. This course is perfect for anyone qualified in 0.5mm micro-needling techniques.

1.5mm Advanced Medical Roller training - £750+ VAT

Furting savings available – see packages below.



  • 1 day intensive training in 1.5mm Medical Roller techniques.

  • £250 medical roller product kit

  • 0.5 Assessment Day, including Q&A and troubleshooting session. 


Qualifications required: 0.5mm cosmetic roller or a recognised 0.5mm micro-needling qualification. 



1.5mm Medical Roller training – Course Summary 

Practical Training (1 day) 

1.5mm medical roller training will enable you to work on regular clients seeking anti-ageing treatments, plus those needing more intensive work for: pitted skin, open pores, acne scars and wrinkle removal. Learn all about 1.5mm micro-needling technology.

As with our 0.5mm course, this training blends theory with demos and practical's on real models. In addition to essential medical-roller product knowledge, you will learn how to manage the risks associated with 1.5mm treatments plus essential face mapping techniques and skills for working on other areas of the body. 


Assessment (0.5 day)

Assessment and qualification is via 1.5mm case studies and a 0.5 day Assessment Day.