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Dermatude brings you an advanced and improved mode of delivery for microneedling, engineering out the 'earlier' downside, and 'down time' associated with manual methods. The concise product range provides the highest quality ingredients for before, during, and after the treatment. The range supports the best results for clients whilst also offering the treatment provider with a viable additional revenue opportunity.


Achieving amazing results through both the highest quality ingredients and precision engineering, Dermatude Meta Therapy is one of the most convenient systems on the market.


Dermatude Devices


Dermatude Machine

The Dermatude equipment comprises of a sleek, compact machine and hand piece. The hand piece ensures consistent depth and density of microperforations, and the speed can be set from 50 to 120 'Jects' per second. The modern design of the control panel has a touch screen LCD display, making it easy to operate and use. The device is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility and meets the European Union Medical Standard EN 13485.

Dermatude is a unique compact device:

  • Sleek, compact, and digitally controlled micro needling machine
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Pre-programmed digital frequency settings from 50 up to 120 jects per second
  • High quality motor for consistent delivery of treatment 
  • User friendly control panel with soft touch keys and LCD display
  • LCD display shows the frequency of jects per second
  • Foot pedal for easy on/off operation
  • 24-month machine servicing support at the manufacturer’s authorised facility (service fee applies)
  • Statutory two-year warranty for malfunctions as a result of material defects and production faults
  • Width x height x depth: 210 x 40 x 210 mm




The FX100 machine is the newest addition to Dermatude. The added benefits of the FX100 is a speed increase of 120 Jects to 150 Jects per second along with a smarter, pre-programmed treatment plan with on-screen prompts. The treatment is quick and comfortable for the client - and the results keep them coming back for more.

•             Small, portable, and pre-programmed microneedling machine

•             Frequency settings from 50 up to 150 jects per second

•             High quality motor for consistent delivery of treatment 

•             User friendly control panel with soft touch keys and LCD display

•             Foot pedal for easy on/off operation

•             24-month servicing support at the manufacturer’s authorised facility (service fee applies)

•             Statutory 2-year warranty for malfunctions due to material defects and faults




Dermatude Handpiece

The light-weight hand pieces are ergonomic and very comfortable to hold. The disposable modules can be rotated easily into the hand attachment. The depth can be varied to suit the various skin zones you are treating by means of continuously variable depth adjustment. Because of the high-quality motor, no pressure is necessary to ensure the needed depth without any skin trauma. 



Dermatude facial needle

The choice of 18 or 38 points safety modules are used during each treatment, and have patented 'flex head technology'. This allows the head of the module to pivot and adapt to the subtle curves and contours of the face.

Flex Head Technology

The head has a slightly curved shape, so that penetration from the surface is always the same depth. The module also features a flex head system, allowing it to adjust itself to the skin’s surface, even if you do not apply the hand attachment perpendicular to the skin.

The Needle Modules

The modules meet all safety requirements. The head withdraws into the module when it is not connected to the hand attachment. The modules are fitted with a safety membrane to prevent fluids from passing from the module into the hand attachment, causing possible cross-contamination. All modules are packed individually in a Class C (EU standard) clean room.

Composition: Polycarbonate 



With every Dermatude machine purchase you will receive a full starter kit to get you going straight after training. The kit is worth £2500.

This is such incredible value as the starter kit contains one of every Dermatude product - setting you up with everything you need to perform treatments straight away (additional hygiene and machine products will also be required). The products are all full size, and the kit also contains one of every retail product as well. With so much product to use, the product kit easily earns you back a large portion, if not all of your initial investment!



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