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What Dermatude Improves

Facial Treatment

The facial treatment can be performed on the entire face, neck, and décolleté plus specific for overall skin improvement. The skin will improve in structure, have finer pores, increase firmness, boost elasticity, and give a more youthful appearance. 

The facial course starts with one treatment per week for the first month. During this initial period, you will see significant improvement in the skin. The treatment frequency is then reduced to one treatment every two weeks or four treatments spread over two months. If the desired result is achieved, a maintenance treatment is required every four to six weeks.

Immediately after the treatment the skin can show some redness, which will disappear after applying the Intense Restorer Mask. The client can wear makeup the following day and can resume their daily activities without any restrictions.

Wrinkle Treatment

In addition to the overall improvement in the skin, it is possible to use the Dermatude treatment for wrinkles and fine lines. The skin under the wrinkle is activated and the connective tissue fills the wrinkle from the inside. Again, this is a 100% natural process and the skin itself fills wrinkle from within. There are no fillers injected or nerves of muscles blocked. The wrinkle treatments are in a course of four to five treatments carried out with an intermediate period of two weeks between each treatment. 


What Dermatude Improves



Treatment Subjectables (Serums)

Active Hydra Booster (Hydrate)

Contains hyaluronic acid (naturally found in the skins connective tissue) capable of holding up to thirty times its volume in water.

As we age, the natural concentration of hyaluronic acid decreases and the skin loses volume and elasticity resulting in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By counteracting the loss of hyaluronic acid with META Therapy, the skin is once again hydrated, making lines and wrinkles fade and circles under the eyes become less visible.

Skin Concerns: Dehydrated/dry, dull, oily/combination, blemish prone, blemish scarred

Extreme Lifting Complex (Lift)

Contains a balanced blend of vitamins, with most active ingredients being Vitamins A, C and E to rejuvenate mature skin. Vitamin A can reprogram a changed cell, normalising skin function. Vitamin C protects the skin and neutralises free radicals. Vitamin E works in synergy with Vitamin C and protects the skin from free radical damage. It is also anti-inflammatory which prevents premature ageing.

Skin Concerns: Lines & wrinkles, ‘Slack’/mature, UV Damaged

Stem Cell Reactivator (Rejuvenate)

Contains Phyto Cell Tec Argan for the protection and vitalization of human stem cells for deep-seated rejuvenation of the skin to restore firmness as well as reduce wrinkles. Stem cells reproduce new skin cells, keeping the skin barrier intact and protecting the underlying cells with a strong anti-ageing and skin-firming effect as a result.

Skin Concerns: Targeted lines & wrinkles, cell protection & renewal, age prevention/combat, ‘slack’/damaged

Pigment Equaliser (Restore)

Contains Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi and Mitracarpus Scaber. Soften and fade pigment spots and pigment accumulations, without aggressive bleaching of the skin. This leads to a reduction of skin roughness and it will help prevent the formation of freckles, brown spots, and dark skin. The skin will regain its naturally smooth and vibrant appearance.

Skin Concerns: Pigmentation, age/sun damaged, blemish scarred, hyper pigmentation, blemish prone


Post Treatment Products

Each treatment subjectable has complementary post treatment cream available in a salon size dispenser - 250ml.

The Intense Restorer Mask is to be used on the face and neck. It contains tetrapeptide and hexapeptide and other ingredients which penetrate deeply into the skin. This helps to restore the skin after every treatment. It cools and soothes the skin and takes away redness and burning sensation.


Aftercare Retail Products


Dermatude META Therapy has a range of aftercare retail products. These retail products complement each of the four treatment subjectables and are to be used by the client at home for optimum results. This also provides therapists with an additional source of revenue from the treatment.

Read more about the retail products.




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