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Nouveau Beauty Group is one of the market leaders in the provision of both training and related products to the beauty industry.

We are currently entering a new phase as demand for our services and products continues to soar.

Take Nouveau Lashes - there are approximately 1000 technicians trained in the art of lash extensions in the UK over the last 12 months and the number continues to rise.  The lash extension sector is probably the fastest growing area in the beauty business at the moment and all these technicians need the finest products available on the market - that is where you come in.  Demand at the moment is massive and we feel that the industry would be best served via a distribution network throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Our goal is to broaden our supply of products and training to keep the industry standard as high as it possibly can be, and to introduce the benefits of lash extensions into new areas.  Being a Nouveau Beauty Group Distributor is an opportunity filled with advantages and rewards, from discounts to the sense of control you have over your own business.  If you are looking to add a new avenue of profit to your existing business, or move into a career you always dreamed of, if you are motivated and committed to the beauty industry and passionate about moving forward with innovative products, then a Nouveau Beauty Group distributorship could be the right choice for you.


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