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Sales of false lashes are skyrocketing!

Now your clients can have all the gorgeousness they demand - on their terms... take control, press all their buttons and record more profits than ever before! 

What is driving this incredible demand?

Well there’s no denying the power of reality TV. “Sales of false eyelashes went up by 249% as girls go for the Essex look this Christmas” The Mail online. The article goes on to explain, “Their influence has trickled down to the high street as women of Britain cast off their love of the natural look and embrace the carefully crafted artifice of beauty salon addicts”.

So strong is the influence, lash extensions have become a major part of the fashion conscious woman’s daily beauty regime - she simply won’t leave the house without her lashes. Without them she feels self-conscious and ‘naked’, with them she feels confident, glamorous and empowered.


So what do we offer at Let's Go Lashes?

  • Superb Training
    ...with a fantastic earning potential - plus a choice of Kits to enhance your business even further

  • Fantastic Business Benefits takes just 2 days training and you don't even have to be beauty trained to become a Let's Go express lashes technician

  • Online Shop - professional and convenient
    ...once you graduate with us offering a huge selection of lash designs
    ...once you graduate with us offering a huge selection of lash designs


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