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A-Lift works as well for your business as it does for your clients’ skin. 

It provides you with a valuable reoccurring revenue stream thanks to the repeat business it creates. Happy clients you provide treatments to can quickly turn into regular A-Lift customers who want to maintain the overall skin health that you have provided to them. Regular clients will provide a steady flow of income to your business.


A-Lift can be implemented into most existing treatment programmes to improve the overall results and effectiveness of the treatments to the skin. 

Many aesthetic procedures rely on the skin’s good health to achieve a positive result. Treatments such as chemical peels, laser regeneration and microneedling all impact a level of controlled wounding to the skin and it is the natural resilience, healing mechanisms, and general ability of the skin to repair and regenerate itself which determines the success of such treatments. If the skin is not in a sufficiently good condition the results of such treatments can be impacted.

This is where A-Lift comes into its own and is an asset to skin therapists within their treatment programmes.

A-Lift works to re-energise the cells by increasing the ATP production, the combined phases of microcurrent and nanocurrent can initiate cells to repair and renew themselves, leading to proactive tissue regeneration and remodelling leading to healthier skin.

Using the A-Lift machine in a skin health programme with more invasive procedures will prove to be an invaluable tool in supporting the skin’s healthy recovery following clinical treatments. A-Lift will ensure a safer, more effective treatment. 

Sally Durant, specialist educator and industry expert, talks more about this topic in one of our free A-Lift webinars. Watch here


Our trainees all go on to have huge success with A-Lift. Here are a few of our A-Lift technicians’ success stories...


Elizabeth Caroline



''Many of my clients are in the public eye and therefore expect nothing but the best from a facial treatment. The demand has always been of that of instant results, in unison with a deep relaxing experience. I had been searching for a facial machine for almost 5 years, one that was at the forefront of new technology, but that could be adopted to my unique Elizabeth Caroline elementals facial. Nothing fitted the bill that was until I discovered A-Lift.

I would recommend A-Lift to any business wishing to offer facials on their treatments menu. In this day and age, it is evident the consumer is constantly looking for new waysto slow down the ageing process and remain more youthful in appearance. Clients that were very loyal to standard manual facials have now been converted to the A-Lift as it still offers a very relaxing and soothing facial treatment.

A-Lift has attracted new clients to my spa. It's a very versatile treatment that you can be incredibly creative with. We have various themed A-Lift facial treatments, as well as offering express treatments as an add on to our more traditional facials. The A-Lift is now our top selling facial at hte spa in terms of revenue and volumn of treatments booked.''



Kathryn Buckley



Salon: I'm self employed skin therapist working at Amour Hair & Beauty in Slaithwaite

Experience: I have been a qualified skin therapist since 2012

''I always knew I wanted to specialise in skin treatments. I spent many years suffering from acne and wanted to offer my clients treatments that would really make a difference to their skin.

I first approached Nouveau Skin Therapy at Professional Beauty North in 2013. My business wasn't in the position to invest but the treatments really interested me. I looked at alternatives, generic skin treatments without the backing of a company like Nouveau Beauty Group but there was no comparison. I had to have A-Lift and Dermatude!

I eventually found a investor, a valued client who loved the sound of A-Lift and at ProBeauty North 2014 I was finally able to add A-Lift to my business. I wanted Dermatude too... the amazing results I achieved with A-Lift enabled me to pay off my investor and get my get my hands on Dermatude by ProBeauty Excel 2015, all within 4 months.

The treatments have completely changed my business! They have taken it up another level, I can offer clients a skin treatment to suit them. A-Lift and Dermatude have something for anyone with a skin concern or problem. A-Lift can benefit clients throughout their lives from young men and women with prolematic acneic skin using lymphatic and cell regeneration features through to older clients with sagging crepey skin, lifting and toning the skin. You really can tailor the treatment to suit their budget and their concern.

Combine that with Dermatude Meta-Therapy and you really can change a client's skin for life.

My clients love the treatments as much as I do. For example, I have a client who came to me for just a course of six 15 minute cell regeneration treatments for skin healing as she had terrible hormonal breakouts. She came in for her last treatment and burst into tears because she can now be happy in her own skin. She now comes once a month for a 30 minute treatment. Clients are your best marketing tool!

I would definitely recommend A-Lift and Dermatude for that matter to everyone!''



Rachel Staggs



Salon: The Balcony at Cedars

''Having worked in the industry for many years and with other well known non surgical treatments it was a big step moving my business to A-Lift. I have to say however - it has exceeded my expectations. It compliments all of my existing treatments and delivers astounding results leaving both myself and my clients very happy!''


Amanda Parker-Scott



Salon: Be You Holistic Beauty

Experience: I have been in the holistic and beauty business many years and full time now for 14 months. Full time using A-Lift and Dermatude since June 2014.

''Being a holistic therapist and primarily working with clients as a 'whole' I wanted to introduce beauty treatments which were non invasive and results results driven, allowing the body to rejuvenate from the inside out. A-Lift was perfect.

My training with Nouveau Skin Therapy was informative, professional, and fun. The committed trainers had a wealth of knowledge and were very approachable.

I now offer a complete package to rebalance, relax, and rejuvenate my clients. I offer Dermatude as well and both treatments have been a success, clients understand the benefits of non invasive results driven treatments, which offer natural 100% rejuvenation from the inside out. My clients have embraced these amazing treatments and most of them cross over using both holistic and beauty treatments that I now offer.

I would recommend A-Lift and Dermatude to anyone. They are safe, non invasive and results driven, giving me fully satisfied clients. The treatments allow them to rebalance, relax, and rejuvenate on another level. A-Lift has really contributed to moving my business forward!''


Samantha Manners



Salon: Beaut

Experience: 5 years working mobile and I have just opened up my own salon

''I decided to introduce A-Lift to my business as I wanted an anti-ageing treatment and knowing not everyone likes the idea of more drastic procedures such as injectables or surgery, I wanted to give my clients something that achieved the same results but was more of a natural and non-invasive treatment. After doinh my research I thought A-Lift seemed perfect and it is.

I have 100% client satisfaction and it's so rewarding seeing the difference it can make to my clients appearance and confidence.

Bringing A-Lift into my business enabled me to not only offer beauty but miracles too. Every client that has had this treatment has booked in for another and has spread the word to all of their friends too. It works wonders for women but also men too.

A-Lift works in so many different ways and helps the appearance of so many different skin issues. My most satisfying client was a lady who was left with a drooping eye after bells palsy, one 30 minute A-Lift treatment made such a difference to this lady, she was so happy.

Another lady whose face was scarred when she was younger had a course of 10, one hour A-Lift treatmenst and she looks like a new lady. The confidence she had gained from this is the biggest reward.

Some clients are sometimes a little sceptical about the treatment but once I show them my before and after pictures of previous clients they are amazed and book in straight away. They always come back as well which is amazing for business.

The profits to be made from A-Lift are fabulous but it's the reputation I get from making people look amazing that is so overwhelming. Word of mouth is the best advertisement and you are guarenteed lots of it when people see the results from your work with A-Lift.''



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