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A-Lift Training

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Nouveau Skin Therapy hosts an array of online webinars covering a vast range of topics around A-Lift and the beauty industry.

We work with reputable experts such as Sally Durant and Elizabeth Caroline to bring you insider knowledge and insight into our treatments.

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The Science and Technology Behind A-Lift

Sally covers the science behind the A-Lift, answering such questions as:

  • What is nanocurrent?
  • How is it different?
  • How does it work with other treatments?
  • Will it offer my clients anything more than I already provide?


Watch the full webinar here.


A-Lift as Part of an Aesthetic Program

Sally covers how A-Lift works within a treatment program, discussing working with such treatments as:

  • Peels
  • Laser
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Microneedling
  • PLUS much more


Watch the full webinar here. 



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