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From our mid 20s upwards our cells metabolism slows down and the structure of our skin and underlying tissue deteriorates. The skin begins to reduce its functionality and begins to produce less protein synthesis which results in sagging, thinner, looser and wrinkled skin which is far less capable of protecting itself.

This process can helped to be reversed using both microcurrent and nanocurrent technology in A-Lift.

A-Lift with its dual current output of microcurrent and nanocurrent boosts ATP production by up to 500% as well as automatically monitoring and adjusting itself to synchronise with the skin’s own bio-electrical frequency. The current stimulates ATP production within the cells which effectively ‘supercharges’ the rate of their metabolism back to previous levels of youth. 


ATP stores and transports chemical energy within the cells. It provides the cell with energy to reproduce, repair, and function.  Fibroblast cells are stimulated to produce more proteins including collagen leading to better structure and improved toning and lift so the skin looks fresh. Another positive effect of this chemical reaction is more water so the cells appear more hydrated.

The body has the capacity to store and build a reserve of ATP meaning that regular A-Lift treatments can have long lasting results up to six months. 



The A-Lift machine works by delivering three phases of microcurrent and two phases of nanocurrent. The benefits of microcurrent are well established and its consistent incorporation into A-Lift provides a valid foundation for the treatment, however it is the machines capability to provide the superior power of nanocurrent technology at a cellular level that makes A-Lift so unique and unlike anything else on the market.


Nanocurrent is a sub-sensory, electro-stimulation, that when aplied to the skin, helps improve tissue healing and regeneration. 

All currents are measured in amps. A micro amp is a millionth of an amp - and a nano amp is a staggering billionth of an amp.

For an easy comparison, if amps were equal to money, then one amp would be worth £1,000,000,000 (one billion pounds), one micro amp would be £1,000 (one thousand pounds), and one nano amp would just be £1 (one pound). 

The benefit of nanocurrent technology in A-Lift is that greater control can be achieved at a cellular level. Thus, it can be synced in line with the body's natural electrical frequency. This stimulates ATP production which in turn produces the energy needed to facilitate more active cell function and renewal. 


A key differentiation of the A-Lift machine comes in its frequency emission. Most microcurrent machines output at a fixed level. This is adjusted manually and at the approximation of the operator. The A-Lift machine does not have a set frequency as the device reads and adjusts the current output throughout the course of the treatment.

The A-Lift machine incorporates a unique feedback mechanism which enables it to ‘reads’ the resistance of your client’s skin and will adjust the output accordingly every 16th of a second. This ground-breaking technology facilitates a precise treatment, tailored to your client, delivering the maximum benefit to the receiving tissue.  

Remarkably, all of this pioneering technology is housed in a small, portable and stylish machine and includes all of these product features: 




  • Patented nano-current technology
  • Automatically monitors, reprograms and adjusts output frequency 16 times a second to mimic your client's unique bio-electrical current
  • Lightweight and portable so can be easily taken on the road or moved between treatment rooms within your salon
  • Fully automated pre-set primary and advanced programme settings, simply select and run
  • Hygienic touch screen operation
  • Easy to use – follow the on-screen instructions
  • LCD screen indicates programme and treatment time – so you can focus on your client and their treatment
  • Low profile and whisper quiet – not intrusive on your client’s treatment experience


Designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest European standards at an ISO 9001 certified facility, and is patent protected.

Technical specifications:

  • Width x height x depth: 300 x 120 x 270 mm
  • Weight of hand piece: approx. 50g 
  • Total weight: approx. 400g
  • Electrical supply: single domestic socket


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