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Have you wondered what it’s like to progress through our Training Levels to reach Platinum stage?

Dawn O’Neill tells us what it’s been like for her.  

Dawn O'Neill    

What did you do before you started training with us? 

I had always jumped from one job to another within my previous working life - I still hadn’t figured out what I wanted to do. My last job before I trained was as an Admin Assistant in a call centre, when I was made redundant I decided to use my redundancy to re-train in something completely different and become self employed. I had always liked art and was very interested in the make-up and beauty industry but felt that I wanted to be more than a beautician.

I was researching becoming a tattoo artist when I came across permanent cosmetics.  I had heard about it, but didn’t know much, so I started to look into it further. Personally, for me it was the medical tattooing that finalised my decision to train in permanent cosmetics .

The difference you can make to someone with cancer or alopecia is outstanding. Members of my family have suffered from this and I know how it affected them. 


Has permanent cosmetics changed your life much? 

I absolutely love my job as a Medical/Cosmetic Tattooist! The response I get from people after having a procedure done is amazing.

I get a great satisfaction in knowing that I have helped improve my client’s self-confidence and some of the testimonials I have had are brilliant. Food for the soul!

The best thing I ever did was click on the Nouveau Contour website and discover the world of permanent cosmetics.



What are your aims for the future? 

As I’ve just completed the medical tattoo training, my aim now is to start marketing myself as a medical tattooist. Alongside this I will continue to build on my success in permanent cosmetics. I would like to be the known as the best in the North East! 


What is your overall opinion of the training and support you have received from us? 

Before training with Nouveau Contour I did some research on a few different companies. Although they were very competitively priced, I felt that the levels of assessment and the post-training support that Nouveau Contour offered were far superior to what other companies offered. 

I know that I can get in touch with Nouveau or the individual trainers whenever I need help during and after my training. Also, the Passport to Perfection makes me feel like I have a bit of a security blanket once my courses are complete.The trainers are brilliant, professional, friendly and approachable. They are so knowledgeable in what they do. I’ve always felt that I’ve been taught by the best!


You passed Bronze quickly. What have you since learnt that has been of value in the later levels?

The Bronze training was a great starting point. After completing each stage of my training I have seen my procedures massively improve by using the different techniques and needle configurations gained in the Silver and Gold training.Now at Platinum level, I now feel confident that my work is neat and precise and I can offer specialist treatments for alopecia, areola reconstruction, scars etc., which means I gain more recognition within the industry.


What are your favourite procedure / technique? 

My favourite is the lip procedure, even though it can sometimes be the most time-consuming. The pigment colours available are great and by using different needles you can create different looks. Who needs filler!


What has been your hardest challenge? 

Speed. I’ve worked in fast paced job roles in the past and I found it really hard to understand the concept of working slow. Fast is slow, slow is fast was drummed into me in training but it still took a few of my initial clients to come back with little colour left in their brows before it sunk in!


Do you have any good stories to tell about positive client experiences?

My favourite experience so far is a client that had been bitten by a dog which resulted in a heavily scarred top lip. This was even more detrimental to her as she had quite plump lips and the scarred side was flat. She had lost a lot of her confidence and didn’t really attempt to make a lot of effort with her appearance anymore, she was really self-conscious of the scar.

After I had completed the lip procedure the client’s manner changed instantly, she was admiring herself in the mirror (which she had previously avoided at all cost). A week later I had a lovely message from her advising how the lip procedure had given her so much confidence that she felt she had got her life back! We have mutual friends who also sent me messages telling me how much she had  come out of her shell.It was a brilliant feeling to have been able to help someone feel so much better in that way!


Have you had any problems getting your case studies done?

I have not had any issues in collating case studies and clients for assessments as I had approached everyone I know, friends and family, ex-work colleges. In addition to that, I told everyone I knew that I was going to be training in that field and what the training would involve. Most of those people then went on to tell others about my new venture and before I knew it I had a long list of clients waiting for procedures and I hadn’t even trained yet! I listed all their names and numbers and contacted them as and when I needed a new client. I have always tried to be one step ahead of my training when it comes to getting my clients ready for case studies. I wanted to move through the assessment levels as soon as I could and I understood the more training I did the better and more confident I would become. 


How many clients do you work on every week? 

I am currently doing between 3 -7 procedures a week. I work as a mobile technician in a number of salons and also work from home, where I am fully licensed to do so. I feel that for every client I treat, I get 2-3 more new clients once they have shown and told people about the procedures I offer. I find that once my clients have had one procedure, they want another!


What are your tips for students just starting out? 

One: Set yourself goals and time limits for progressing through the levels. If you are already working in another job role or offering other treatments, ensure you keep sight of your goals. It’s easy to become bogged down with the work load and lose your focus.

Two: Stay confident! The trainers would not have let you treat your own clients if they didn’t think you were capable. Don’t leave it too long between clients as this can affect your confidence. Also, use the workshops Nouveau provide for you. 

Three: Practice, practise, practise! Do as many procedures as you can in the beginning to build your confidence and get the word out!