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Hear from our students what they think of our traning...

"I have been doing permanent cosmetics for 20 years! Though the past 4 with Nouveau Contour have been the best."


"I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Nouveau Contour. When I ring the girls they could not be anymore helpful. I love the Pro Tips Forum for all the tips and advice, it really does all help."


"People ask me if I would recommend doing this. I tell them hell yeah! And when they tell me they’re looking at other companies, I always tell them, Nouveau Contour may seem more expensive than some companies, but every time I need them they are there. I always feel like I am so important to them. Love them all, they’re the best ☺ xx"


"I just have to say this. I love Karen Betts! She is an absolute star, mentor,
inspiration, down to earth. She helps anyone who needs help. Thank you for introducing me to permanent make-up – I love my job. I feel blessed helping people look and feel better everyday. Thank you for being you and always trying to give the best possible service to your Nouveau Contour technicians. A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart."


"I worked hard at my case studies and qualified within weeks of training with
Nouveau Contour. I easily made back my training costs, and now I can work the
hours I want. It shows how quickly you can turn things around. I think my experience has shown that you get what you pay for."


"I have dyslexia and Nouveau Contour couldn’t have been more helpful inadapting their training to meet my needs. Due to that support, permanent cosmetic and medical tattooing are now an important part of my business, and I even sometimes help them as a teaching assistant. Whatever the obstacles, you can be confident that Nouveau will help you through it."